Oil Seeds Roaster

Why Need an Oil Seeds Roaster
Oil pressing can be divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. Some oil seeds such as peanuts and cotton seeds are suitable for hot pressing because of their specialty.
So cooking or frying is necessary when pressing these materials. This process can not only ensure high oil yield but make the oil more tasty. Our oil seed roaster is used for frying many oil plant seeds such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sunflower, soybean, sesame seeds, chestnut, cotton seed, coconut, etc.
Oil Seeds Roaster Features
1. Oil seeds roaster is an electromagnetic heating equipment, thus it won't create carbon emissions during the whole working procedure.
2 .As it is composed of stainless steel, there is also no harm to the raw material, which ensures the purity of the final oil.
3. Oil seeds roaster adopts compound pot (rollers), which prevent heat from spreading out, the thermal efficiency inside reaches above 95% and saves 45% electricity compared with the traditional nut roaster.
AMS Oil Seeds Roaster Advantages
1. The horizontal design ensures uniform heating.
2. Computer controlling device can adjust the temperature according to different working stage requirements.
3. Fault-indicated system avoid abnormal operation.
4.Advanced lubrication system ensures a smooth operation and thus improves working efficiency.
Oil Seeds RoasterTechnical Data

Model Capacity Power range Distribution power Voltage  Dimensions(MM)
AMS-55 25 3-8KW 0.55KW 380V 1130*700*1130
AMS-75 50 6-15KW 0.75KW 380V 1630*700*1130
AMS-110 100 10-30KW 1.1KW 380V 1850*960*1420
AMS-150 200 15-45KW 1.5KW 380V 2350*960*1420


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