Frame Oil Press/Oil Filter for Scew Oil Press
Frame Oil Filter

Frame Oil Filter Introduction
Frame oil filter is used for filtering dregs such as solid residue and water from the crude oil so as to improve oil quality. Frame oil filter is made of stainless steel which ensures sanitary edible oil.
AMS Series Frame Oil Filter Advantages
1. Equip high-pressure and low-noise oil pump.
2. High oil filtering rate.
3. Low maintenance cost and energy consumption.
4. The filter plate and filter frame is made of premium quality plastic which is light and easy to move.
Frame Oil Filter Working Principle
This frame oil filter is composed of filter plates, filter frames, oil pump and filter cloth, etc. When the crude oil is pumped into the filtering machine, under the different pressure in and outside the machine, the crude oil go through the filtering cloth and come out from the pipe under the filter plate, while the oil dregs remains on the surface of the filtering cloth, thus realizing the filtering process.
Make Edible Oil Much Purer
Our frame oil filter is a qualified machine to make edible oil much purer, high quality life starts with purified edible oil. Usually work with screw oil press.
Frame Oil Filter Specification and Technical Data

Model  Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw)
AMS-250 100-200 0.75
AMS-350 200-300 1.1
AMS-400 300-400 1.1
AMS-500 500 1.5

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