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Small Peanut Oil Production Line

Oil Production Line
Zhengzhou Amisy can provide various oil production plants for different processing purpose. We are professional oil press manufacturer who is specialized in customizing the most suitable solution according to your raw materials and production scale. We supply oil production plant of 1T/D, 3T/D,5T/D,8T/D,10T/D, 25T/D,100 T/D and the oil refining production lines range from 1T/D to 200T/D.
The following is a small production line for peanut, just for your reference.

Three stages: pre-processing, pressing and filtering; easier to install and operate
Indispensable machine: sheller, cleaning sieve, cooker, oil expeller and frame filter
Features: small investment, little land occupancy and easy operation.
Detailed Illustration about The Machines' Function

(1) Peanut sheller
In order to ensure the oil purity, peanuts should be shelled first. Peanut sheller is widely used for shelling not only peanuts but other oil seeds like almonds, sunflower seeds.
(2) Peanut cleaning sieve
Powered by electricity, peanut cleaning sieve screens out the dregs and the wizened peanuts.
(3) Peanut Screw Oil Press
Screw oil press is ideal machine for processing peanuts. Featured by easy operation and high oil yield, screw oil press is also is capable of processing rapeseed, soybeans, sesame seeds, cottonseeds, linseed, sunflower seeds and other grainy oil plant seeds.
We are looking forward to having the chance of designing a customized solution for you!

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Product Name: Small Peanut Oil Production Line
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