30T/D Canola Oil Plant

 Introduction to Canola Oil
Canola oil or colza oil is extracted from more than one kind oilseeds, mainly rapeseeds. It contains much less saturated fat than any other edible oil. And high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids make colza oil healthy to people to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

canola making process

Main Machines in Canola Oil Plant
1.Colza seeds Roasting Machine
In hot press oil production, rapeseeds or colza seeds are roasted and heated to 90-110℃. Pre-treatment devices like cleaning and sizing machines are necessary in large canola oil production.
2. Colza seeds Automatic Oil Press
Automatic oil press suits for various oilseeds. Simple design and high yield make this automatic oil press enjoy high praise in our customers. Made from high quality stainless steel, our colza oil press can have continuous work in 7*24 hours.
3. 10T/D Canola Oil Refining Machine
Crude canola oil can not be consumed directly. Crude colza oil refined by degumming and degreasing machine becomes one basic edible vegetable oil. Basic edible vegetable oil becomes senior cooking oil after being neutralized and bleached.


Serving 24 working hours

Raw Material 30t Colza Seeds
Canola Oil 10t

Features and Advantages of Canola Oil Plant
1. High Productivity and low residuals in oil cake.
2. Easy to operate and clean.
3. All machines can be customized by your demands.
4. Refined canola oil have high quality and best taste.
5. Suitable for various oilseeds.

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