• <b>Automatic Screw Oil Press</b>

    Automatic Screw Oil Press

    Automatic screw oil press absorbs the advantages of traditional screw oil presses and improves not only its design but function.It applies to hot extrusion and cold extrusion; can press over twenty kinds of oil seeds; Easy to operate and maintain.

  • <b>Screw Oil Press</b>

    Screw Oil Press

    Screw oil press can process a wide range of oil seeds such as sesame,flax seed,rapeseed,peanut,soybean,etc.The compact design, competitive price,easy operation and maintenance make it a popular oil press for small and medium-sized oil plants.

  • <b>Hydraulic Oil Press</b>

    Hydraulic Oil Press

    The hydraulic oil press wins much popularity because of the advanced design compared to the traditional hand-operated way; used for pressing high oil seeds like sesame,almond and palm; works in shorter time but has high oil yield and purer oil product

  • <b>1-20 T/D Oil Refining plant</b>

    1-20 T/D Oil Refining plant

    Oil refining plants is applied to removing all the impurities that present in crude oil. This oil refining plant includes the basic refining steps and ensures the purity of refined oil; easy to install and operate; light weight and movable; can work b

  • 20T/D Peanut Oil Plant

    20T/D Peanut Oil Plant

    High peanut oil extraction rate; Less electricity consumption and more clean working condition. All machines can be customized to your requirement.

  • 20T/D Sunflower Oil Plant

    20T/D Sunflower Oil Plant

    Sunflower oil plant is our turn-key project for sunflower oil manufacturers. Fully automatic design and high quality ensure this oil plant long-lasting and high efficiency.

  • 10T/D Coconut Oil Plant

    10T/D Coconut Oil Plant

    Coconut normally has an oil content varying from 50 to 60 per cent. We can supply coconut oil production line with different capacities.

  • 5T/D Palm Kernel Oil Plant

    5T/D Palm Kernel Oil Plant

    Palm kernel oil plant is specially designed to extract palm oil. Unlike other oilseeds, palm kernels have to be crushed before pressing.

  • 20T/D Soybean Oil Plant

    20T/D Soybean Oil Plant

    Soybean oil making plant has high oil productivity and low oil residual.Made from high quality stainless steel, soybean oil plant can work in continuous 7*24 hours.

  • 30T/D Canola Oil Plant

    30T/D Canola Oil Plant

    Canola oil making plant is to extract edible vegetable oil from more than one kind colza seeds, mainly rapeseeds. Canola oil, without cholesterol are healthy to people.

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