Oil Press Machine automatic screw oil press

Automatic screw oil press;Equiped with auto temperature-controlling and oil-refinning system.

Oil Refining Plant Refining Plants machine

Oil refining can remove the impurities in crude oil for producing first or second grade edible oil.

Auxiliary Equipment nut roasting machine

Suitable for purifying all sorts of vegetable crude oil; Matched with different oil presses.

About Us

As a prominent manufacturer of top quality oil presse in China, Zhengzhou Amisy has been always adhering to the quality principle to survive and develop. We offer first-hand information and professional technology support on various types of oil mill machines, oil extraction device and oil filtering equipment. We also provides customers with customized turnkey solution from consult, design and installation. Our purpose is to sincerely help all the clients get a better understanding of oil processing industry so as to benefit their own business.

hydraulic oil press

1 What is an oil press?
Oil press(also called oil extruder)is a machine for extracting oil from oil seeds.With the seeds adding into the press continuously, oil is squeezed out of these materials under large pressure.
2 How many oil presses are offered?
We offer oil presses,including screw presses,integrated oil presses,hydraulic oil presses and auxiliary equipment.

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